Money Aint No Issue - Meek Mill feat Future, Fabolous, DJ Drama, Tak

[Intro: Tak]
Yeah, it's DC, n_gga
You see what we doin in these f_ckin streets
Pushin the flyest whips, f_ckin the baddest chicks
Big guns with .30 shot clips; motherf_ckers can't see us
All gold AP's, these n_ggas wearin G shocks
We send them G4 'Palas to the WingStop
Goin' where they said we wouldn't and doin' what they said we couldn't
We come from nothin n_gga, let's get this f_ckin money!

[DJ Drama:]
I got my money right! Call me Rich Homie Dram'
{"GANGSTA, GRIZZLES!!"} Hahahah... whattup Tak?

[Meek Mill:]
I'm sippin' on Patron n_gga, my b_tch bad to the bone n_gga
She f_cked up, I'm f_cked up, she like "How we gon' get home, n_gga?"
I can't smoke that strong n_gga, swear that's word to my PO
That lil chick too expensive for you, I'll take her back like repo
Say shorty want a pair of red bottoms (bottoms) f_cked me good then I went and got 'em (got 'em)
Percs got me f_ckin' for a hour (hour); got a boyfriend? Forget about him
I got young n_ggas that will get it poppin (yeah) and all my n_ggas get a dollar (yeah)
Started of with an Impala (SKRRT!) now all my whips a hunnid thousand
Hold up - now throw your rollies up in the air and wave that sh_t to the side n_gga
Bad b_tches just pop p_ssy, you dead broke just die n_gga
On private jets we fly n_gga, sippin' lean we high n_gga
Stand tall feet five n_gga, they ridin' for you they die with ya
Foreign whips my f_ckin' problem, got a couple, don't f_ckin' drive them
My homies whip them, like f_ckin' Molly; mo' money, mo' f_ckin' problems!
Yo' wrist cunnin' I take that (take that) I'm everywhere that cake at (cake at)
Them hoes stunted, this the payback (payback); I'm in a Rolls-Royce screaming out Maybach - hold up!

[Chorus: Future]
Money ain't no issue, I'm on them mollies and prescription
Lean inside my cup, beat that p_ssy 'til she miss me (turn up!)
F_ck n_gga die slow, I don't give a f_ck if ya come up missin' (WOO!)
Any n_gga gettin' money - I salute ya, I salute ya (WOO! WOO WOO WOO!)

Young n_gga in a Beamer coupe with a lot of money and a lot of booze (SKRRT!)
Young n_gga gettin' plenty money, I'm turnt up with my entire crew (turn up!)
Mollies all in my cup n_gga, gettin' screwed up I ain't slowin' down (turn up!)
AP got 'em trigger happy n_gga (SKRRT!) young n_ggas out Atlanta Zoo (whoa!)
Shootin the A up out the chamber, full of team n_ggas from North Philly too (ohh)
Bad b_tch from Beverly Hills, I'mma f_ck her good on TMZ
Quarter mill for the AP (switch) Quarter mill for Lambo (switch)
Quarter mill for a new truck (WOO!) quarter mil' that's on the counter (SKRRT!)
Freebandz I'm eatin' now (yeah) rock and roll, no guitar (yeah)
A lotta drugs and a lotta b_tches (whoa!) I'mma f_ck the b_tch like a porn star


[Fabolous {Tak}:]
{D.C., the Family.. Loso, let's get it}
I'm tryna chill but n_ggas really really want to make me talk reckless {n_ggas don't want that}
Heard these n_ggas hatin' that you don't really really want to talk necklace {n_ggas don't want that}
Heard you got L's in the hood you don't really really want to talk Lexus {man these n_ggas don't want that}
We got it right now man we killin n_ggas really want to talk Nexus
Ay, f_ck the n_gga like his b_tch say (word) if she with me in a 6 trey (word)
She ride the stick every which way while sh_t play from the mixtape (feel me?)
She say sh_t go hard (go hard) she say sh_t go hard (go hard)
Shorty sound like big Sean (swerve) b_tch keep sayin' "Oh God!" (Oh God!)
I done f_cked around and got used to money, f_ck game I just use the money (uh-huh)
All the s_ckers get is middle fingers (yeah) and bum b_tches get deuces from me (yeah)
So if you getting money I salute you I'm salutin'
And if you getting mad I rebuke ya, find a solution
N_ggas like y'all find excuses, n_ggas like us rock exclusives
I come through, beat them streets up cause my whip game so abusive n_gga
It's that gettin' money music n_gga
When they play it all the winners gon' lose it n_gga


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