We Ain't The Same - Meek Mill feat Louie V Gutta

[Intro: Takbar]
Aye O? What the f_ck wrong with these n_ggas?
Everytime I turn around n_ggas got somethin' to say about my motherf_ckin' n_gga Omelly
Like he ain't been in these f_ckin' STREETS!
Like he ain't been running around with that F_CKIN' heat!
Ya'll see my n_gga everyday n_gga tooled up and jeweled up
Lit up like a F_CKIN' Christmas tree!
I don't know what's up with these n_ggas
N_ggas ain't never been sweet
Street s_ckas for life n_gga we do what we want

Oh yeah, chea, chea
Catch me in that blue six, sp-sp-sp-peedin like sonic n_gga
My little n_ggas catch a rack, don't say sh_t about it n_gga ('bout it n_gga)
Co-sign a n_gga; homie you a rat you ain't ridin' n_gga (you ain't ridin' n_gga)
And I'm only statin' facts so keep runnin' your face and I'm slidin' n_gga (I'm slidin')
Every n_gga with me and they poppin' off toasters (poppin' off toasters)
Catch us every where hoppin' out of them ghosts (we swervin')
Keep it cool homie better watch how you approach us (we out'chea!)
B-b-bars so fire n_gga think Meek wrote this (let's get it)
That hatin' sh_t I ain't got time for (time for)
I don't pop mollies, I pop dime whores (dime whores)
Got a bad model you would die for (she bad)
Lookin' through my Cazals and my Tom Fords
T-t-this AP dancin' on my WRIST (I'm flexin')
N_ggas mad, they ain't doin it like THIS (they stressin')
Straight profit made a hundred off them SCRIPTS (them scripts)
I hear you talkin' p_ssy, you ain't gon' do sh_t (I'm gone)

[Chorus: Louie V Gutta]
My n_ggas be talkin' like they about that sh_t
I got on all my jewels all my designer sh_t (straight up)
Boy this sh_t what I do don't get beside yourself (yeah)
And you know I got my two don't get beside yourself
My n_gga, my n_gga we ain't the same (nah)
My n_gga, my n_gga we ain't the same at all (same at all)
My n_gga, my n_gga we ain't the same (nah)
My n_gga, my n_gga we ain't the same at all (same at all)
At all, at all, at all, at...

[Louie V Gutta:]
Said I do sh_t different, said my new sh_t different
Said my new whip different, different watch, different b_tches
Say the way I'm livin, I do it a little different
And my money just different, everything different
Said I don't trust hoes, I don't love hoes, I just f_ck the hoes that y'all lust
Y'all n_ggas talkin' like y'all about that sh_t but y'all know y'all don't do it like us
Brand new foreign with the cranberry guts (guts) I slide through there like yuck (yuck!)
Cause the money ain't a thing my n_gga (money) sh_t we blow it like dust (ho!)
These hoes ain't f_ckin' with you; you on Instagram, you liked a million pictures
And she shot you down you still tryna get her but I f_cked her once and done forgot her n_gga, damn
(Haha!) These Balenciaga, not Prada, n_gga
It's Bel-Air in my bottom, n_gga; all my n_ggas get a dollar, n_gga


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