Young Kings - Meek Mill

[Verse 1:]
Money make the world go round
And all the pretty girls go down
And I still roll round through my old hood in my new whip
All white ghost I call it my cool whip
Hundred on my neck lookin' like I move bricks
My life is like a movie, every day a new script
And ain't it funny how this money make a mood switch
Cuz they be talkin' beef, I be up in Ruth's Chris
Who is this at the door, I think it's the devil don't let him in
Just rap and take my n_ggas to places we never been
And when it comes to cake I get it like Entenmann's
With the heart of a lion, no lyin' I never been
No hope for these f_ck boys
On my second mil and I ain't talkin' lunch boy
Club 30, run dirty and it's top boy
Cuz I could treat you like a prison get you touched boy
No homo, before I had a deal I was poppin', no promo
All of a sudden all these bad b_tches want a photo
M's in my account and M's in the logo
So everytime I spend a hundred k I scream YOLO

Young kings, young kings
I be rollin' with some young kings, young kings
And all we know is one thing, one thing
Get the money n_gga f_ck fame, and f_ck fame
I be rollin' with some young kings, young kings
Rollin' with some young kings, young kings
And all we know is one thing, one thing
Get the money n_gga f_ck fame, and f_ck fame

[Verse 2:]
Crowns on my wrist and my head
And I'mma ball hard in this b_tch 'til I'm dead
It's money on my mind, make me put it on your head
And have your own homies lookin' at you like you're bread
Tryna eat n_gga, I'm from Philly so you know I play for keeps n_gga
Six pallbearers, six feet deep n_gga
No insurance you been sitting six weeks n_gga
Big 40 knock you right up out your sneaks n_gga
Young kings, all I know is one thing
Live life, one dream, started in the drug game
Where they never make it out unless you got a gun gang
Walkin' through my city but it's lookin' like I run things
Runnin' sh_t, diarrhea
And ever since my dad died I ran out of fear
G5 through the sky boy we outta here
Sippin P&J fresh from out the PJ


[Verse 3:]
I still wake up go and get it, youngin on a mission
Cuz when n_ggas was eating they left me to do the dishes
But I'm different, I still put 'em on just to show 'em right
I used to be the dark child but now I glow at night
I keep a milli by my side because we both alike
Try and keep that n_gga out the field cuz he be throwin' white
Dishin' d, tryna get rich as me
I'm worth a couple million man that sh_t was meant to be
20 gold chains on, sh_t I think I'm Mr. T
If I could live my life again I wouldn't do it differently
Prolly bring my father back, just so he could witness me
Back up in my zone I swear my haters is history
B_tches say they missin' me, I never fall for it
Cuz they just miss the money, they know I go hard for it
And if my n_ggas need it, I tell 'em come for it
Cuz when it comes to me, they shootin' like a small forward, swish


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