How Crazy Are You? - Meja

Here I walk down the avenue
looking at the pritty view
maybe there?s a reason
I got my eyes on you
there you walk like a movie star
how I wonder who you are
Listen babe, do you believe when I say?

Youre the kind of man walking out of my dreams
straight into my life
I wanna sing halleluja
Ain?t nothing in the whole wide world
I wouldn?t do for you
I wanna say yes to ya

So crazy am I, crazy ?bout you
How crazy are you?
So crazy am I , crazy ?bout you how crazy are you
are you crazy ?bout me?

Been a while since I felt this strong
this time it just can?t be wrong
baby you?re the reason,
I been waiting for so long
I reach out for your hands
Hey babe, there?s no second chance
Trust me darling
Do you believe when I say?

I climb the rocky mountains
I swim the deepest sea
I wanna sing halleluja
I said there?s nothing that I wouldn?t do for you
I wannas say yes to ya


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