I'd Run Away - Meja

I don?t know why
There isn?t any better way to show what I feel
And I don?t know how I could
Possibly change the way I?m acting
So many friends that come and go
So many things we oughta know
So here we go again and there is nothing I can do
It doesn?t matter what I say cuz I?m not getting tru

For strangers in the night I?d runaway
If something isn?t right I?d runaway
But If you would choose to stay
What can I say?
But I?d runaway, yeah, I?d runaway

So tell me all about it
All there is to say
I?m not sure I wanna hear it but I will listen anyway
Girlstalk, and dirty details
And promises I don?t wanna be a part of



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