Intimacy - Meja

Last night before you fell asleep
You whispered something to me
Was it just a dream?
I?m gonna listen to you close
Because your b_tterfly kiss felt like a ghost

What are you trying to say to me
What are you trying to say?

Everybody?s searching for Intimacy
Everybody?s hurting for intimacy

We come into this world alone
From the higher darkness
The infinite unknown
Were only here a little while
And I feel safe and warm
When I see you smile

Baby don?t move away from me
Baby don?t pull away


Remember when you were a child
And your mom would hold you in her arms ?
and rock you to sleep
Now darling there?s just you and I
Let?s give each other everything
Baby baby??..

Everybody?s searching for intimacy
Everybody?s hurting for intimacy
Baby come and lay down next to me
Cause everybody?s searching for intimacy

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