Present Dealy - Meja

No need to over do it
we might as well go thru it
Cuz I hear that you?re down
and I know what?s on your mind

You think you got the answers
but you don?t even know the questions
when you say that you?re right
could it be that you?re out of line

Words unspoken
by you and me
when the bond is broken
It all comes down to

Say what you mean, mean what you say
Don?t put it off for another day
If you love what you do
doing what you love
then the quality time I?m thinking of
won?t get lost on the way
On a Present Delay

You?re walking thru the fire
pushing it higher
when you can?t see the woods for the trees
then you?ve gone to far
You better take it easy
your words don?t have to please me
and I?m not afraid if you show
who you really are




So now you live another lie
Oh, you didn?t even try
Tell me why???
Tell me why???


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