Scum Like Me - Meja


There?s a part of me
who just cant see
why you believe in
a scum like me
I don?t care no more
of your honesty
just tell me why?(tell me why)
do you believe
In a scum like me?

It?s early morning
I feel
like I been hit by a car
I thought
something was wrong with me
I was different
Standing on the outside
looking in
all the happy people
smiling their way thru life
not even close to sin
acting in joy
pain within

All my worries,
stupid thoughts
never seemed to come to and end
I try to pretend
locked myself in
never share, never talk
not even to my closest friends

what happened to this child
from where did she get
that selfdestructive side?
Where along the road
was she told
That she was not
good enough to being loved?

Accusing myself
I am not woth this good
there needs to come a wolf
from the woods
what I wanted
years ago
to be seen and loved, and cared for
So now Instead of being proud
I run away and hide
cause I feel like I have fooled you all
then you finally look under the surface
and you?ll see........all this you think so big and strong
Is just little me, a fake, all along

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