Welcome to The Fanclub of Love - Meja

You staring at the sky
wish upon a star
now I see what you are
I see it on your face
It?s something ?bout a feeling inside
If you?re lost in the fire
You?ve coem to the right place

welcome to the fanclub of love
welcome to the fanclub of love
Like a force from above
you?re the star of the show
say welcome to the fanclub of love

Come, live a fantasy
and even if your blind
you?re old enough to see
here is nothing to extreme
so you don?t have to hide anymore
just open the door
and take care of your dream


You been waiting patiently and finally hree you are
You are knocking on the door
I see you reaching out for everything you can grab with your hands
Now there?s no need to worry ?bout the rest of your plans

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