How You Been? - Mic Geronimo

Came to talk to you for a minute
You know
I miss you
But I love you
Ain't nobody done for me what you done for me, Ma
You know
So I'm a do this one here for you
Rest in peace
Your son

It woulda been the greatest thing in the world to see
All the possibilities you made 'em real for me
In 73 opened me to life itself
Guard my health and went for delf but needed no one else
Allah himself'll only know the reason you're gone
And forever I'm a feel a little pain and mourn
(Life goes on) Now I'm blessed, so I raise each morn
Still I ask every nigh you help me face the dawn
Pray alone inside a stone-cold confusion and weep
But only your touch can bring me to peace
I can keep a little something of you with me til I reach the end
Til then, let me ask you again, how you been?

This is cause I'm thinkin' of you
My love, for you will always be true
You know, I'll never forget you for life
Think of you forever

Sittin', recallin' how you caught me, how you broke my fall
Heard you scream off in terrors, heard my name you called
All of the lessons you taught me, how this life is war
How to hold til I be sure that I can go for more
Saw me enduring the pain and goin' from poor to fame
But livin' with more to gain is makin' me more insane
It's a strain, I could tell you, you already know
Still I'm a live to tellin' you so
And I'm sure you know the way that you
Was handlin' was passed to me
Askin' nobody for nothin', so don't ask for me
Look and see how you raised a little n_gga to man
It was all just a part of the plan
Daze back as I gaze back lookin' at the fact that you left
Funny how I keep hearin' footsteps
I keep a little something of you with me til I reach the end
Til then, let me ask you again, how you been?


If I could leave you off with somethin', it would have to be this
You know I'm gettin' through these obstacles
You will be missed
Left a kiss on the forehead, hold through a touch
Now I leave that in the streets from rollin' a Dutch
Ask the Lord to bless the soul of a child if He may
I can only hope that we unite and see you one day
And playback after playback, it wasn't fair
But still and all I never say that, remember here
You got a place inside a n_gga, where you end, I begin
Til then, let me tell you again, how you been?

[Chorus x2]

Do you know I'm thinking of you, Mama
Don't you know I think about you all the time


I love you, Mommy

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