Things Ain't What They Used To Be - Mic Geronimo feat Royal Flush

[Royal Flush]:
Word...things ain't what they used to be out here man
Ain't no more easy living no more man
You best to recognize man it's a struggle out here man
We forced to do what we got to do to survive
It wasn't nothing like this back in the days man
Word sh_t got to change

[Mic Geronimo]:
Increasing murders, three strike life servers
Burners, informers
Guiliani's crews on us
The heat's just like the guns that we bust, shot up
Poisoning the little one, now they grow corrupt
It's different stages, environment got most vision tainted
Murals on the corner, rest in peace now a painting
Haters seeig the dehumanization of a being
But worst of all most of ya'll don't know what I'm meaning
And strange days, time seems to move so fast
Only concerns is the cash, and the whip to match
See this life is like a bid but it won't do me
And it's funny nothing's really like it used to be, one, two

[Chorus -- Marvin Gaye]: x4
Well things ain't what they supposed to be

[Mic Geronimo]:
The epidemics, narcotics, paramedics
Everybody eager at a party to just wet it
And felonies, armed robberies, and sprees
Higher rates on a key, ghetto love disease
More discreetly you choose, who to f_cking trust
Nowadays bulletproof, and a Phills a must
Most of serving, or peeling the yardage on the charges
Incarcerated cut-off from the world, disregarded
Crack babies retardly born, disformed
And fathers known for shooting China-white inside they arm
Desert sickness, planet Earth at it's illest
Strategically the illest, plan a man in specifics
Life is like a bid, but it won't do me
Mentally these are the things that I should not see
And I'm standing here, counting all the casualties
Cause things ain't nothing really like they used to be, one, two

[Chorus x4]

[Mic Geronimo]:
Like the night sky
Saw the darker levels, leading teams of rebels
And steaming these streets, just like kettles
Dime minds can rarely walk the concrete, eroded
Playing, I made a folding, off the cards I was holding
Young, stand between you from wise man
Plannin', scramblin' from the phantom
Ghetto back drops a cannon
Life at understanding, a maturity stage
Still a thug, and some will stay the same
For most of his days
Flushing to South Jamaica raids
Saw the time change hands
Caravans go to MP's after that Lex Lands
And it's bugged just the product of
I came to be, and nothing's really like it used to be, one, two


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