Every Time She Whispers - Michael Franks

There isn?t any part of me she does not know
We?ve been together ?bout a thousand years or so
Still almost instantly my love begins to show
Every time she whispers

It makes no difference if I?m upon my luck
When she invites me in my gloom becomes unstuck
I feel the barriers around me deconstruct
Every time she whispers.

Tensions dissolve when we touch
In her arms the world is erased when it?s too much
All of my deep blue disappears
As soon as I hear her whisper

Passion evolves when we touch
In her arms I measure success counting how much
Music she composes in sighs
And how many times she whispers my name.

Love is the weakness that we need to make us strong
How can a hundred million Frenchmen all be wrong?
And I?m completely at the mercy of her song
Every time she whispers.

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