Just Leave - Michael Jackson

1st verse

They think I melosted a kid, but thats just crazy bullsh_t,to tell u the truth i was proven inoccen..tah, if u dont believe me, then why wont u just leave, hee hee, just leave, ow, if u dont care, get out of my hair.

2nd verse

i was in jail, but then i got bai-led, i was walking down, til a fan got me, i was tryin to run to my small little yun, but then i said wats the use, i dont aaaabuuuuuuse, just leave, hee, just leave my place, let me enjoy my freedom, let me take my place as the king of pop! ow

3rd verse

leave, heee
just leave, hee hee
dont invade, or ill
prevade,so just leave hee hee
just leave, ooooooooooohhhhhh!

everybody sing,

mamajama, i got my pajamas,
mamajama, i got my pajamas,
one more time,
mamajama, i got my pajamas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

leave just leave , hee hee
leave, or ill, ow!

repaeat verse 1,3 and then your done.

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