A Wasted Dream - Midpoint Misfortune

These days are getting lonely
To lose what kept me going
Is like ripping out a part of me I thought would never leave

Growing up we never
Went without each other
All these years we planned on being together now I see
It's over now It's over now

Why have we grown so far apart
We promised we'd stay how we are
I guess even good people change
But I still wish we'd stay the same

I called you twice this evening
To find out how your doing
I guess you found another guy, someone to take my place

I should be happy for you
Instead I just ignore you
But how could I stay on your side when I can hear you say
It's over now It's over now


I'm all done have no fear
Its' time to let it go
Just make me disappear
I'm all done have no fear
I'm throwing out those dreams
Just make me disappear

Your words are tearing me apart
And your not there

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