Come and Take - Midpoint Misfortune

Please make my heart yours a place you can stay, come by my way meet me out here today, I might not all be here I?m in the wrong place, but please just stay while I?m dreaming away.

Don?t? make me out to be, a false reality, with all my worldly thoughts and all those things I say, I know I might be wrong , but please just come and find me I?m waiting for you to come get me

Come and take, every bit of me
Just don?t wait, make me really see
I?m awake, it?s not mine it?s for you

I know they might as me is this thing for real, searching my thoughts trying to find how I feel, I wont go I?ll stay I'll stay till the end. It?s all for you lord even when I bend.

You have to realize it?s all your choice, to go for Christ or worldly things, but now I?m standing here , I?ve made my voice , and you must say, just take away the pain.

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