Diamond in the Sand - Midpoint Misfortune

She's scared to be the one left out
Cause glamour is what this worlds about
They tell her looking good is the only real way out

So she buys all that pretty stuff
The makeup, but its not enough
Cause all she really wants is love
All she really wants is love

Don't try; don't think y our not so perfect all alone
Just know alone your gold
Inside is where we should be looking
Trust me Cover girl wont bring you love

So she goes for any guy she meets
No matter what she just agrees
They tell her what she wants to hear to get what they please

Now once again they just break up
She goes to put on more makeup
But it's the wrong way to find love
It's the wrong way to find love


And now she knows it's all about what she has inside
Now how she looks to everyone
Just how she lives her life

Don't worry God has planned it out to find you that one dove
Someone to treat you like a queen
To be that one true love

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