Innocent Destruction - Midpoint Misfortune

Have you ever had friends be taken by those strange creatures, we call them women. They use their powers, demand attention, before you know it your friend?s got tension with you. Cause all you want is a friend again but it?s too late he?s caught on his girlfriends hook. No matter how hard you try he?s caught. He wont be back no matter what, he?s bought.

All you just go away life without you seems so great
Pushing friends away I wont get caught in your bate.

Yea I like girls, and yea maybe their cool but that don?t make up for using us as tools. I heard once a saying for them. It?s ?women can?t live with them can?t shoot them. ? So guys just trust me, they?ll make you happy, but just remember your friends are better then just a short thrill, beauty blonde girl. They might not be safe, your friendships they?ll take.


So listen to me now, girls can always bend, but friendships never die, they're with you till the end. Just stick with what came first,and listen to this song. Girls will always fade, but friendships last so long

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