Smiles in Disguise - Midpoint Misfortune

I wish I knew my thoughts, I wish I could be brave
And tell you what I?m thinking, and know just what you think when
We sneak into each others eyes, and quickly look away
Afraid that what we saw was more then normal friends would see.

I?ve always hid my feelings well, afraid they wouldn?t sell
But is this how it should be, or should I tell you out clean
I?d never want to ruin what we?ve built up just as friends,
But what if what I?d like to tell you was better in the end

Don?t be afraid of the feelings made
Just believe these things that I say
Maybe we?re friends for now and we don?t? know how
But maybe someday I?ll be yours, yours truly?.

It all comes down to this, to tell you that I wish
We?d end up being more then the average everyday friend
Maybe you feel differently or maybe just the same
But I just had to tell you how I feel about everything

Everyday we?re together more and more,
Look in your eyes and it always seems so different, so different
Maybe I?m just making a fool of myself
Remembering all the times it felt so different ,so different

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