One Time - Migos feat Offset, Quavo & Takeoff

One time
Yo yo yoooo

Smoke one, one time (Smoke one)
Drink one, one time (drink, drink)
Lemme f_ck something one time (Smash)
Turn the club up one time (Turn the club up)
Smoke some one time (Smoke)
Drink some one time (Drank)
Lemme f_ck something one time
Turn the club up one time (Ugh)
Only take one time [x8]

[Verse 1: Quavo]
Only take one time for me to put my eyes on you (I'm looking at you)
Only take one time for me to just get high with you (Gas, Gas!)
Only take one time for me to just pull up (Skrr)
Only take one time for my n_gga pull up with the choppas
And a hundred round drum
Cut 'em off one time and they gone (Nawfside)
What type of sh_t that you on (Type of sh_t that you on)
What type of drug that you on (Type of drug that you on)
YRN the label we put em on (Young Rich N_ggas!)
Championship, you know that we winning one this year
I don't have to empty the clip, she want Tommy outta here
Take your ho for the first time (one time)
And I only hit her one time (one time)
I walk in the jewelry store for the first time
I'm walking out looking like Busta Rhymes (Busst)
I told my n_ggas we gonna see dollar signs, I told em one time
We overseas for the first time, but it sure ain't the last time


[Verse 2: Offset]
Migo gang say it one time (MIgo!)
Now the choppa sounding like a drum line
Call up the plug one time (Plug!)
He pulling up with a hundred lines (Pull up!)
One rum and one cosign (Cosign)
Have you in the drop top, no mind (skr skrr)
Lemme smash one time, lemme pass one time
Lil mama staring at me, hit the gas one time (Gas)
One time, one time, one time
I got more titles than Busta Rhymes
N_ggas cloning me but I am one of a kind (Clone)
You say you be drinking but only one line
Only take one time for a n_gga to snitch (Snitch)
Only take one time caught with a brick (Brick)
Bumping yo lip you get shot in yo sh_t
All of this work i need me a forklift
Hit a n_gga with a choppa only one time
And i got the pocket rocket and it's on me all the time
My diamonds hit one time and it make you blind (Shine)
Technical foul f_ck n_gga crossed the line
N_gga one time, I stretch it to a nine (Nine)
I got two hundred buried in the ground
One gun with bout 200 round
They looking for you in the lost and found (where)


[Verse 3: Takeoff]
Only take one time for me to call my n_ggas up and they pulling up
Thinking bout running up Imma chop you with the choppa
Then i hit the runner up
My mansion's got expensive furniture
My favorite Corvette, it with the turbulence
Hit the gas one time, its over with
I'm in Vegas in casinos and I'm betting my poker chips
Just like a spider I web up the game
Whip up but they think its Peter Parker here
One song Versace and it got us the fame
N_ggas plotting get one shot in your brain
N_ggas biting but ain't gone say your name
N_gga my family only one gang
I came from the Northside and invaded the A
Start f_cking up the city now we got our own lane
Now we blowing up like we on a mine
Givenchy khakis, Versace down my spine
Speeding in traffic I'm doing 200, that n_gga say f_ck the stop sign
Taking your b_tch and I f_ck her one time
But that b_tch she be calling me more than one time
I drop a 8 one time, y'all drinking one line
You ain't never seen a hundred thousand dollar one time


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