Too Playa - Migos feat 2 Chainz

[Intro: Quavo]
Yeah DJ Durel, DJ Durel
The way we put this sh_t together, you know what I mean?
Huncho and Durel made the beat, you know what I mean?
I got this man on the saxophone
You know what I mean, he blowin' them keys
You know we keep keys, the right way, you dig?
The way we put this Culture sh_t together
It's like a new wave, generation way
Yeah, feel like 3K, Andre, with my way, Huncho, woo

[Verse 1: Quavo]
She f_ck with the gang (gang), she f_ck with the team
She like to do percocets, then I put her on lean (yeah)
She got little perky breasts (perky), I put a little ice on the flex
She got a little turkey neck, neck, neck, neck, neck, yeah
Don't look at that skeleton too long, might drown (swim, swim)
My n_gga got felonies, let him out right now (woo, ay)
I'm in Miami like a Zoe Pound (yeah yeah)
Call up Zoey Dolla, jet ski, water clowns
Wrist spendin' tabs, finna spaz, finna spaz
N_ggas spendin' fast (spinnin'), 150 cash, 50 cash
Yeah, large (yeah), y'all n_gga talk too hard (talk, talk)
We pull your card, pull up and chop down yards (chop)
Fish bowl same size as fish tank, yeah (yeah)
Big bank same size as his bank, yeah (yeah)
My b_tch way badder than his b_tch, yeah (fo sho)
We too playa (yeah), we too, we too playa (playa)

[Bridge: Quavo]
Yeah, we too playa (woo), we too, we too playa (clean)
Yeah, we too playa (woo), yeah, we too playa (playa)
Woo, we too playa (woo), we too, we too playa
Ay, we too playa, yeah, we too playa

[Chorus: Quavo]
Said I got a big scale same size as his scale, yeah
All this watered down, might could sell it to a whale, yeah
Post on the shore like the seashell, yeah
We too playa, yeah, we too playa

[Verse 2: 2 Chainz]
Yeah, 2 Chainz
Playaz Circle was my first squad, but you already knew that
N_gga claim he got a million dollars, but I already blew that
Donatella on the bootstrap, whole crew got a Tru tat
Whole crew got a Tru chain, lay it back, now I move same
100 thousand in a blue flame, cross a n_gga like a spiritual
Before rap, I was in the trap, and my record was criminal
Baby girl got that water park, when she get up, she left a water mark
Black Patek Philippe, motherf_ckers like Armor-All
Ok, now all in all, got it from wall to wall
Took it from mall to mall, dropped it from stall to stall (sh_ttin')
Sh_ttin' on n_ggas subliminally, all of my shoes are from Italy (yeah)
Hard top crews, no Kennedy, she'll pay cash, no penalty

[Verse 3: Quavo]
Marble all my floors, blue strip all my rolls
If the money fold, that mean the dope ain't sold
I like it straight, that mean ain't gotta debate
Ice on stakes, pull up with a serious face
The way these hoes like to film a n_gga, Lorenz Tate
I won't even let you film a n_gga without seein' tape
Yeah, that's my brother, work, but I gotta play harder
Tryna be like the Carters, gotta be like the Carters

[Chorus: Quavo]
Said I got a big bank same size as his bank, yeah
My b_tch way better than his b_tch, yeah
Post on the shore like the seashell, yeah
We too playa, yeah, we too playa

[Verse 4: Takeoff]
I am a player (player) and no, I ain't playing fair (no)
Swear they shakin' like some dreads (shakin')
Oh, that mean we got 'em scared (scared)
Look up at your man's head (look)
Tell me what color that dot is (what?)
Dot on his head is red (red)
Get popped for some sh_t that your brother did
I love my mama, never change up on her
So I gotta let his mama live (mama)
I beat the pot up like Adrien Broner
Make him vanish, David Copperfield (Copperfield)
Came in the game and was independent
They was screamin' out that we ain't got a deal (f_ck a deal)
Said I ain't playin', this the face I make
When I call my plug and he ain't got a sell
5, 4, 3, 2, 1, my name is Takeoff, I'm outta here (outta here)
Open the door and then got in there (got in there)
Quiet, I pick up the silencer, shoot it up to the analogist
Ballin', but they keep callin' us (ball)
And ain't no stoppin' us (no), try to see the apocalypse

[Chorus: Quavo]
Said I got a big scale same size as his scale, yeah
We too playa (playa, playa), yeah we too playa (playa, playa)

[Verse 5: Offset]
New Moncler, throwin' salt on a playa (salt)
Save the salt for the snails (salt) or the rocks in my ear (rocks)
Put you in the Bentley (skrrt), brand new Selena (Selena)
She a bad b_tch, I seen her (bad), I'm flooded, call FEMA
I do it the best (best), I am too playa to stress (playa)
Drip like the mayor, more or less
I like your b_tch, I caress (I like her)
Dry down the stick n_gga, hush (hush)
Codeine syrup a must (a must)
Wraith with the peppermint guts (Wraith)
He sweet, he keep holdin' nuts (sweet)
Your b_tch is a throwaway mutt

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