Hollywood Dreams - Miguel

Lost angel with an urgent subtle
Jaded eyes, and this empty fixation
Sweet Hollywood sign, you're my salvation
Cokey scenes full of pipe dreams
Palm trees and a numb sensation
Chasing, uh-huh
Vivid schemes, put my name on a marquee
Still waiting for my big break, for fame sake

And we could be better than heroes baby, alright
We could fly higher than spaceships baby, all night
Said could you ever find the magic man
He can make it all happen, alright
Lost hollywood dreams
Lost hollywood dreams

Say wow, up fame, became your religion woman
You need cause your faith is coming
Now the walk of shame woman
It's reputation, cheap thrills, fake friends, coke binge
What a numb sensation
Then he said, "honey I can put your face on the big screen
Well aren't you looking for your big break?
Come here, for fame sake"

[Chorus x2]

Up and down Hollywood sunset
Up and down
Lost Hollywood dreams

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