Evil Woman - Mike Posner

[Pre-Intro-Electric Light Orchestra]

[Intro: Mike Posner] [x4]
Yeah, yeah yeah

[Verse 1: Mike Posner]
I know what you're tryna' do
You got every guy here thinking you like them too
So you can switch your hips and bat your eyes
You better go try this sh_t on another guy
Cause I can see through what you telling me
You want me to fall in love to help your self-esteem
And baby how high do I look to you
You better leave me be and go find another fool you you

[Hook: Electric Light Orchestra] [x4]
Evil woman

[Verse 2: Mike Posner]
And I know that you're out my league
But you lead me on and tell me that you're into me
Cause [x3]
You know you got me on a string
And if you pull it right ill probably buy you Seven jeans
Cause you're so fly, you know it too
And you sure do your best to make us notice you
But baby how high must you be
If you think I'm gon' let you go and pull that sh_t on me
You're just a

[Hook Re-Mastered: Mike Posner] [x7]
Evil woman


[Outro: Mike Posner] [x5]
Yeah, yeah yeah

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