Hey! is That a Ninja up There? - Minus the Bear

We're racing through the dark
On a road along the sore
And the law says we should stop
So we break a couple more
With the windows all down
We just throw the cans out
And now you're laughing through the wind
Swearing we won't do it again.
We're off too much now
But the pay off sells itself
We cough too much now
But we're too young for ourselves
We're racing through the dark
Down the back by the pier
And you ran into the sea
Like a cop without fear
"You're gonna ruin your shoes!"
"You're gonna ruin your shoes!"
You waded through the bay
Like you do it everyday
The bay is so uncertain
It's too cold but we swim
Rain could come at any moment
The gray sky's closing in.
I couldnt' sleep for days
And I couldnt' move
You couldn't come too soon
To break me from that room
And now I'll sleep for days
But in a different place.

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