Bus-A-Bus Interlude - Missy Elliott feat Busta Rhymes

[Busta Rhymes]
Eh-hee-eh-hehehe, ehehehehe
Yes indeed, YES INDEED out this motherf_cker
Back with the right foot steppin in first
and the left foot steppin in after
I go by the divine attribute, of Bus-A-Bust-Down-Some'n
Otherwise known as Busta-motherf_ckin-Rhymes out this b_tch
Yknahmean? Cause when I'm in the spot

I let a b_tch start kissin up
And muh'f_ckers love the way that I be pissin up
on muh'f_ckers, muh'f_ckers need to chill, RELAX
What they need to do is listen up, muh'f_ckers

So.. as we begin, to get you addicted
to the sh_t, that's "So Addictive"
Make sure you got your PEOPLES witchu
You know one of your PEOPLES, that stay sober
You know to make sure you get home safely
Cause we about to TAKE IT THERE muh'f_ckers
Miss-E, 'Misdemeanor' Elliott
Sooooooooooooooo ADDICTIVE!

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