Busta's Intro - Missy Elliott feat Busta Rhymes

Ay yo yo yoyo yoyoyoyo
Ay yo yo yoyo yoyoyoyo
Ay yo yo yo yo
Ay yo Missy
I just came out here a hour & twenty five minutes
on one of them Gilligan island sh_ts of New York & Virginia
Word up!to visit your ass,and you playin' sh_t like this up in my ears.
What the f_ck you think you doin' thinkin' I ain't gonna get on this
mutha f_cka before I bounce.
Yo check this out,let me hit you with this real sh_t real quick Missy.
One shot baby just let me do my sh_t for a minute on your sh_t.
Check it out.
Ah hahahah!
I continue to disreguard all of ya'lls opinian
Ahah!Blast! your whole ass into oblivian,eheaha,makin' New York with
Eheh,this sh_t be baggin',eheh.
If you disagree,Uhah!,before I smoke this,& get a little drunk and a
little pissy,when I finish my music Ima make all ya'll mutha f_ckas miss
See who is he,that girl right there who is she?
It's Busta Ruhmes and Missy,n_ggaz when ya come around Missy don't act
like a f_ckin' sissy.
No chicken headz allowed here,no time for the kissy kissy,and when they
askin' who is he?
I be Busta Ryhmes the pheneminal of get busy,strictly major
effected,ya'll n_ggaz know the drilly,we gettin' money togetha,trackin'
stacks and then countin' em
Ya'll n_ggaz stay tuned for the rest of my homegirl Missy's album
Word up!Flip Mode is the mutha f_ckin' squad!
Busta Ryhmes commin' in right here with this quick lil' drop on ya.
Ah yo ya'll n_ggaz stay focussed!Keep ya eyes and ears on this
fulfillin' sh_t,Missy be numba one!
Blossumin',like beautiful flowers on ya'll mutha f_ckas!
Stay Tuned.

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