Slap! Slap! Slap! - Missy Elliott feat Da Brat, Jade

[Verse 1: Missy]
Me and my clique
Run thur the gutter breakin down shutter
As the beat goes, dun dun dun duna
Ain't nothing better than these favorite b_ttas
It's like freakin wit your lova tryin bust his rubba
Have him have him undercover like he thought he never
How the hell a b_tch like me become so celva
Yall wack MC's , yall never never
Talkin hard as a cock but is light as a feather
Yall suspect hoe's yall suspect hoe's
Takin off your clothe yall reject hoe's
Fell the rhythm, I'm bout to kill em

[Chorus Missy (Timbaland)]
Right across your melon, easy

Right across your melon, easy)

[Verse 2: Missy]
Yall lil'
Tryin act bigga don't yall get the picture
Every freakin year I come wit something sicka
Fan's takin flick's wanna get my picture
Freak's only speak "Do you know Jigga?"
Strange muthaf_cka's wanna be my n_gga
Turn your man to a ass-licker
Cheatin ass men means, cheatin as men
Time to stop gamin and stay the f_ck in
Fell the rhythm, I'm bout to kill em

[Chorus Missy (Timbaland)]
Right across your melon, pronto

(I said,Slap!Slap!Slap!
Right across your melon, pronto)

[Verse 3: Da Brat]
You don't wanna get smacked right quick
Wit a upper cut like this
I don't give a f_ck if you don't like this
Still get paid to bust the right sh_t
Still get paid to hope on the d_ck
I'm a prostitute, I gotta a lot of loot
But if you knock the boots,but at lease cop the coup
What I'm post to do, starve for you
This ain't ??, I can't crawl for you
That's impossible
I make the rule
I pay the dues
I wear the pants
Bought the shoes, they Prada too
F_ck wit me you lose
Step to me and get brused
Your chances are not few, they none
So what I'm b_tchy
Roll a phat blunt wit Missy
In the front wit me
Tim hit AHH, wit the bang to the boggada beat
Burnin em wit the heat
It don't conser me, when n_gga talk sh_t
They just wanna learn me
When they see me,I permentaly
Damage they sh_t internally
And Slap!Slap!
Slap! em right across the melon

Right across your melon, easy

[Verse 4: Jade]
I'm the M-S-J-A-D-E
Toes and lows , bling like I'm B.G.
I don't know n_gga help, sh_t, I write my own
Just gimme a beat and a muthaf_ckin microphone
Picture this sh_t me Missy and Timbaland
We bout to take it to the streets, but they chicken ran
Oh Sh_t, It's gettin kinda hot in here
Oh Sh_t, Make n_ggas stop and stare
Talk dirty, rock-a-bye a birdy
Smack the sh_t out the Clyde
Cause Bonnie should have pay me
Get old heads for they checks that sign right
And I get lil' boys for they doe on prom night
Cause I do my thing, knots in a pocket
All up in your knogen, early
I said,Slap!Slap!Slap!
All up in your knogen

Right across your melon, easy

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