U Can't Resist - Missy Elliott

(feat. B.G., Juvenile)

Uh, what's happenin? What
Uptown, New Orleans in this b_tch with VA, you understand?
With this hot girl, Missy
F_ckin with these Uptown Guerillas, you dig?
If it don't make dollars, it don't make sense
Do yo' thing girl

Y'all don't wanna gimme my props?
I'mma have to lick two shots on my glock
Pop-pop the enemy 'till he drop
Make his whole body go hibbie-to-the-hop
Well I won't stop 'till I get up to the top
Gotta blow any other state off the block
And I got a whole lotta chedda in my pock's
You better gimmie giimme five mics, gimme props
Say you sick of my clique and my sh_t
'Cause I got a whole lotta hits and no tricks
Just a bass line, few snares, few kicks
Make the whole industry wanna go and bit
I say you sit, we sit, I sit
While I go sh_t on a mix like this
Say you spit, I spit, we spit
But you can't f_ck with a n_gga like this
Check me out

[1] - Hatin' on us but ya can't resist
If you come hard, better come legit
We gon' talk sh_t 'cause we confident
If you think not, then you bound to sit

Hatin' on us but ya can't resist
If you come hard, better come legit
We gon' talk sh_t 'cause we confident
We gon' show you so you best believe it

Y'all don't wanna put me on front
On the front page, all the sh_t I don' done?
Now you wanna f_ck around and grade my sh_t?
Let's talk about the million n_ggas who bit

It's only one Timothy from the V.
And the whole industry goin' beep-beep
Now I gotta go change up my beats
So another n_gga won't duplicate me

Yeah I got styles, got shows, videos
And my shows, it grows, it grows
And I sing, I flow, I blows
And I know y'all n_ggas know
When I come swift with the one-two kick
If ya got a blunt, got a light, got it lit
Yeah, don't stop, won't stop, won't quit
And I made 1.6 admit, check me out

[Repeat 1]

I'm that n_gga that tote them AK's
B.G. is what they call me
I be in them project hallways
Beef with me, you gon' be sorry
Me and my n_ggas'll shut yo' block down
We got K's so, put them glocks down
You scared to come outside
Them Hot Boys got you on lock-down
This n_gga here from CMB
Roll with a clique about 20 deep
Cause I made a mill', it don't mean
I ain't gonna keep it real with my peeps
All I have is thugs in my clique
All my n_gga's, they come off the street
Now all of a sudden hoe's on my d_ck
Cause I'm on BET and MTV

It ain't no secret, this n_gga be project
Getting paid, that's what's my object
Ain't none of you n_gga's gon' stop this
Cause I'm 'bout makin' a profit
I'm all about getting it locked, dog
Don't wanna be on the block, yo
Cause b_tches be makin' them tye calls
While I be makin' drop offs
Mannie Fresh, he hooked me up too
To the playa hater's I say, f_ck you
You needs to worry 'bout you
Instead of what to not do
Juvenile don' hooked up with Missy
B_tches gon' hate me, b_tches gon' dis me
Alota you n_gga's gon' miss me
I'mma be here, you gon' be history

[Repeat 1]
[Repeat 1]

If you come hard, better come legit
(Say what? Oh, ah huh)
If you come hard, better come legit
(Oh, uh)
We gon' show you, so you best believe

What, uh
What, what
What, what
What, what
What, what
Um hmm, Hot boys
It's all gravy
We out
Gimme that
Gimme that
Oh, gimme that
Gimme that
Gimme that, gimme that
Gimme that
gimme that, gimme that
Oh, yeah

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