Smokey - MIST

Late night cruising on a graft
Smoking on the lemon or the am
Rolling in the passenger cause I'm on a ban
Not long left now, new whip soon land
Superbike daily cause I can
Beamer try chase me, yeah it's mad kinda aggy lost the chase on the path
I'm weighing up the math, ain't worth the jail, are you daft?
Said it ain't worth the jail, are you daft?
It's getting more active on the night life, oner in the thirty lane hashtag bike life
Apnas and kalas, back for you rarse clart
Went for a minute now I'm back taking danas
Me and shadow in the booth, grip the mic and spit the truth
In the trap with trackies on quick the bike and Bali on
Man want beef rude boy bring your strally don
You want beef rude boy bring your strally don
Cuh' man will get greezy if we have to
Three sweets left, slap one might save two
I'm faded off the goose, the high grade too [x2]
Bare f_ckery, bare haters, bare shook youtes, bare fakers
Sick made karlas getting paper and now we blowing smokey at a hater

Sick made kalas getting paper we ain't worried about no haters we just out here getting paper [x4]

Games getting deep, it's got me thinking telepathic
Sh_t got messy can't say too graphic
No French Montana when I tell 'em don't panic
Couple apnas kalas cause damage
Stepped in the whip I strapped ammy, looked to the sky panoramic hashtag jam it
Frowning in the passenger hashtag slam it black max brannin black max brannin
Stepped out aim to the sky buss a strap out here conspiring off banks yeah we in the trap
Traps so fast you getting lapped
Out here floating like a tap yet you're moving like a cat
Plus we got traps for the rats, slide through your ends all black
Slide in the click click clap
Yeah I'm moving Andy on the map

Sick made kala getting paper [x5]

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