Chillin' - Modjo

One night in a disco
Chillin' with my friends
Feelin' kinda low
I was sitting on a fence
Suddenly I saw her
Dancing on the scene
Just like in a dream
She would set my heart on fire

* I feel so high
Dancing all night
You blow my mind
'Cos you're so fine

She had such a swing
Anyone could see
Her body meaning things
That look so good to me
Music got my head
Spinning all around
She got me in a trance
Just by the way she danced

[Repeat *]

[Repeat *]

(She had such a swing) I feel so high
(Anyone could see) Dancing all night
(Her body meaning things) You blow my mind
(That look so good to me) 'Cos you're so fine

** (Music got my head) I feel so high
(Spinning all around) Dancing all night
(She got me in a trance) You blow my mind
(Just by the way she danced) 'Cos you're so fine

[Repeat ** , **]

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