Take Him Back - Monica

Verse 1:
If he keeps changing for no shoes, I need 2
Come right back at me alone again
Maybe I didn't need the use, out of him
Didn't come with no type of warranty

There's no one
That I adore
More than your love
It hurts me more
To let you down
And again
There's no one
Who could ever
Show me the
Way to never
Try someone
Better than you

Should I take him back
After what he did
Hurt me in ways that I
Can't begin to replace
How I feel so I'll just go away

Verse 2:
Don't wanna go through the same games, again
He's no good and that's just it for me
Does it everytime he returns, there's no use
I'll just be the one left in the end



Don't wanna go through the same thing
The memory remains
Don't wanna through the same games


There's no one I adore
And you know it hurts me more
To let you back into my life
You ain't never treat me right

Chorus twice fading

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