Fatal - Motionless in White

I saw your eyes, (So) convincing.
I saw everything that night.
You were the quiet actress,
A flawed masterpiece

So cold, our darkest days.
Sleepless, our darkest nights.
Line after line, but love is... forever

A beauty bound in cold silver,
Broken bottles and empty lockets,
Exhaling bittersweet.
Your words were laced in gold.
A gilded memoir engraved into my soul.

Do you remember that night you led me astray?
Do you recall tainting me with your apathy?

Mutilated our malice, our intoxicated, advocating lust for a cause.

You walked away that night
(And) instilled virtue
A fatal kiss. My muse, there's nothing I can do for you.

It's raining sulphur tonight.
An anti-climactic procession.
Yielding an undying, uniformed prestige.

So cold our darkest days
Sleepless our darkest nights
Line after line, but love is... never

A cordial gaze pierces, sending chills down the nape of my porcelain neck.
My blood runs cold.

Please don't forget me.
long live that sentiment.
Please don't forget me.
These words are all I have

Blow the last candle out.
Recoil, finish what we've started.
For you I'll take this to my grave.

Please forgive me for wondering
If my love ever truly engraved in your heart
Like the finest poetry on concrete.

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