Crush On You - Mr.Cheeks feat Mario Winans

[Mr Cheeks]:
Take it from the top with nothin' but the hot sh_t
I told 'em we got sh_t and it smells (definitely)
Mario, what's the verdict
Aiyo, Mr. Cheeks, I know ya heard it
The way we move (make it happen) spaz out on who?
Boo c'mon, that's how we do it
This one's for you, c'mon

I did it for the elements and wrote a song for ya
No kiddin', where my feelin's gettin' strong for ya
And if I really had a chance I'ma pic you
You got plans and finesse, you dress sick too
I'ma holla at you everytime ya pass by
And if I don't get you now this ain't the last try
You play hard to get, I like steppin' up Ma
Like bend over, yeah we both go enough time
And you's a don, so take this where ya go
Anywhere you at you'll always hear the call
In ya ear, in ya heart, until I gets through
And that's my word, I'm not stoppin' 'til I get you
I've known your pretty ass for years, but I don't know ya know ya
We get Manola and I feel like I got some things to show ya
I've done traveled through the world
Balled out at clubs and coughed hurl
Got weed, now I need a girl

[Chorus - Mario Winans]:
I've got a crush on you, my baby
So let's put a rush on us, sweet lady
Maybe we can share our love with things we go related
Cause I got a crush on you, my baby

[Mr. Cheeks]:
Come back, I'ma keep this Mo' on show for ya
Imagine if you felt the same way I feel for ya
Yeah. you see, that would be something
This thing we can have together, but you be frontin'
Take your time though, I don't really mind
Anytime I'ma make your pretty ass mine
So keep doin' what you doin' 'til you ready for a
Big n_gga like me cause I'm ready for ya
Yeah, holla back shorty I'm waitin'
Ready and willing, anticipatin'
Whenever you call I'll be there in a double
If you need me for love or you in some trouble
It don't matter what it is, I'm there
Baby girl, open up, listen I'm here
Tell me if there's anything I could bring for ya
Chicken wing though a n_gga got a thing for ya


[Mr. Cheeks]:
Listen, last but not least, before I go
There's something else that you should know
I'm your number one man when I add you to plans
I mean when your brain lands
Delicate like a flower, I'ma love you with all my power
Think about you every minute of the hour
All I need is a number and a chance
Save me the last dance


[Mario Winans]:
Oh, oh
I got a crush on you, oh yes I do
Oh, oh
I've got a crush on you, my baby baby baby baby baby


[Mr. Cheeks]:
Baby we can hang out later on
I can sing this song

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