Low - Mura Masa feat Jay Prince

[Jay Prince:]
Fall in place
This is amazing grace
Im 808 to change the game amongst the greats
In favorite based upon the latest
Pages wrote in papers
Homies rolling papers
Toke it up and choke it out
The same way that it came
Up in the game for two days ain't sh_t been the same
So today I'ma prove it
Oh God I'ma loose it
Truth is hard for the d_ck that don't do sh_t
Hitting this, get dismissed with the business
Kicks in, peak this
I ain't lying
Speak my mind
Feed the lions
Keep them quiet
Moment of silence trying to keep me behind closed doors
Though the truth that if I die though I put up a fight for our lives
Put up a fight for my life
No more killin' my time my shines now
I pull up in the building like whoa
I told these other n_ggas I know
I'm from the city where the buddies might roll to your moms house
And tell her put your hands on the wall
How you doing my dude
That's the truth to the matter of the fact
Truth is cause I did them like that
Matter fact I'ma bring it right back
Playing games, cause I did them like that
Plain game, cause I did them like that
Sh_t great if you came from the trap
My n_gga
All that I'm hearing is sounding retarded
Either pop mollies or getting this money
Either go beaches and condos you f_cking but airfare
I get it you get it that something you do
Or something you don't
I'm just out here trying to give people hope
I'm just out here trying to hold on the rope
I would never stoop that low

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