It's a Party (Remix) - Murderous B feat J-Mac & Sha`Weezie

Chorus: {Sha` Weezie}

hey eeerbody "it`s

a party"tonite c`mon

cause ya know it`s

gon be so tight cause

da party`s gon last all


Verse 1: (Noel aka Cece)

ya`ll it`s party time

and this my party ryme

yeah i` m Mr. Prime Time

and i`m so throwed in dis game

and i gots ta maintain and

keep this chicks off da brain

cause "i can?t stand da rain" hey

ma i`m lookin` for a chick dats

willin` to learn, willin` ta get n da driver

seat, and willin` ta burn come on girl show me

what cha workin` wit and i ain`t

talkin` about all dat bull s**t hey ma

what cha wanna do? ya wanna roll wit Noel

and his crew c`mon,

Chorus:{Shady} repeat

Verse 2: {Noel & Sha` Weezie}

yo it`s me and Sha` Weezie

we on a diamond histed

it`s the 336 forever cause,

i`m back and i`m gonna

stay on track, no if, ands, or buts

about dat, i rock sold out shows

i don?t mess those wit h**s

it`s MURDA I-N-C. and ya`ll can?t

mess w/ the N-O-E-L

[Sha` Weezie]

yo, check it I wanna

See all my mommas bounce

W/ me, every body

Come on and get crunk

W/ me, yeah it`s Sha` Weezie

And 3 stizzy , I though you

Knew so to all my ladies and the fellas

Get ya crew and let Noel

Show ya how he do

Come on,


This is tha RE-MIX, it` s me

The one and only J- Mac and i` m back

Fresh outta jail trust me dawg it was hell ?It` s a party? up n herre

So lets get it jumpin

i` m herre to get the party hype yo dawg lay off da

pipe it` s 2002 goin on 2003 and this is me

fo` shizzy oh and by the way ?THIS IS THE RE-MIX?

Chorus:{Sha`Weezie} repeat


yeah it`s gon be a party

tonite ya heard it` s Sha` Weezie and

Noel and we gonna get

dis party started right cause it`s on tonite


Chorus repeat until fade.............................

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