Proud of Being Cool - Mushroom River Band

lazy as can be
talking about me
wait until tomorrow
not exactly now
in a day or two
most definitely I will

you might be disturbed
am I getting on your nerves
you?ll get what you deserve
empty shell of life
sick of watch you all
what happened to your balls
why such a hurry
why such a pace

I want to feel the rhythm now
into the zone I?ve got the flow
don?t want to wake up in denial
I?m proud of being cool

wasted time if you
do what you have to do
you still don?t have a clue
there ain?t no such thing
no musts as life must bring
relax and do your thing

don?t bother about me
just leave me be
jealousy I see maybe
laying in the sun
do the town at night
just let me live my life

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