Lifetime Affair - Mytown

I know I never realized how much
I need you in my life
But it hit me when I was sleepin'
I had a vision in my head
It danced around and someone said
There is a secret that she's been keepin'

You're afraid to fall in love
'Cause you've been hurt before
I wanna let you know
That this here love can work and more

* Put your hand in my hand
I wanna place a ring upon your finger
For a lifetime affair
I wanna know what's on your mind
I wanna feel what you are thinkin'
Tell me anything, I don't care

I wanna treat you like a princess
The only thing that's missin'
Is a crown filled with pearls, yeah, yeah
I got no fancy way to get there
I'd use the old fashioned way
And sail around this whole world, I can see it

** And I'd picture seeing
Your face in the stars at night
As I wish upon your radiance
It guides me though the darkest days
'Cause within your love, you know I'll be all right, (you know)

[Repeat * , * , **]

[Repeat * , *]

Put your hand in my hand ... till end

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