Ballers - Nas

I have been in the range
shooting n_ggaz for fame
I havent come out for b_tches to know my name
now i got a deal its like I'm paid in shown
I dont half to hit the states to be world wide know
this will last forever untill im gone
untill I come what i came to do
put your asses down to take your shoes
im by myself i finally pulled through
if you try to rise n_gga i'll take you to

(chorus)cuz we are ballers
big ballers thats what we can do (repeat)

Cuz Im sweet like honey and hot like tea
every girl wants a taste of me
cuz they see i got what they want
they keep coming back to see how im going
Im always on the roads to keep on rowing
cuz where big ballers and thats what we do
if I wanted your girl i'll will take her from you
cuz we are

cuz im only 14
i got girls like im 18
they keep on coming like they want something
i give them what they want
then they come back the same day
wanting some more
they go lower and every single day
i stick them real good
put them in pain
Im like a player when i play the game
i put them away


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