Black Girl Lost - Nas

*click* *dialtone* *numbers being dialed*
*phone rings, is picked up right away*

[G1] HELLO?!
[G2] Whassup girl..
[G1] Ain't nothin - this n_gga in here stressin
talkin that old off the wall back to Africa sh_t again
[G2] What, that God Body sh_t?
[G1] Yeah, that dumb sh_t
I'm tryin to get up OUTTA here
[G2] I hear that.. but yo, you know the spot is pumpin tonight
[G1] Word f'real where?
[G2] You know, where the real n_ggaz is poppin the Cristal
[G1] Ha hah! Word where the real n_ggaz at?

[JoJo Hailey]
Listen.. to reason
Pretty baby baby listen..

A young wild beautiful love child
You like them thug style link rockin, then mink coppin
Hit you on the sink a hundred dollar drink poppin
The head'll make you take him shoppin, a foul doctrine
Reminiscent of my first time up in a chick
You was innocent, but now you rent-a-d_ck, wear the tightest sh_t
Chanel lookin real, airbrushed nails
Hit the gym, hit the scales, heaven-sent but negligent (so fine..)
To see a prophecy, your ebony tone is lockin me
The way you moan make me daydream of you on top of me
Wishin I could be the one man; but you juggle
way too many Willies all in one hand
You wanna run up in clubs, gettin rubbed on
N_ggaz pull your hair, shake your fat rear
Get your f_ck on - followin week, you back there
But what you stuck on, weed, clowns and cars
Puffin with some lil n_gga, husband not knowin she's out
Could you believe Eve, Mother Earth of the seas
N_ggaz thirst you, you just let em hurt you and leave
What up mah, frontin like you naive
Pusherman's whip, callin police when you flip
Can't understand it, yo it should be a throne for us
But for now that's a whole different zone from us, word!

Chorus: JoJo Hailey

Diamonds all shinin, lookin all fine
Pretty little face, get a little high
Young girl stugglin, tryin to survive
Mother of the Earth, she made you and I
Just tired of playin the same ol' games
Messin with my mind, emotional thangs
And there goes.. a black girl.. lost

Like Isis, she got you heartbroke and felt lifeless
Grow up girl instead you want revenge so now you act the nicest
to who'sever gettin down and trifless
To get his mind all you do is give him somethin priceless
Cause in time he'll realize the thighs is all he needs
More than weed, then you hit him off with lies and greed (deceit, yeah)
There you go again, startin wars, makin me more yours
Seem to get a kick out of keepin me on all fours
Face glistenin, I'm addicted to you
Original, Wisdom Body got me picturin you
Igloos of ice trickin on you, you never listen
to this n_gga spendin Franklins on tennis anklets
Must've had a bad deal in the past though
Can't even keep it real with a n_gga with cash flow
Say men are all the same, what we need to do is break this chain
You got a job part-time and school's your night thing
With dreams to settle down, it ain't far from now
You gettin interviewed, but your boss is into gettin screwed
Typical day that the black girl sees
Comin home wantin more from a college degree


Where are you focused, on legit n_ggaz and where the coke is
Nice and Thug Life n_ggaz, yo you seem hopeless
Your value - too much to be measured, I wonder how you
could ever be played, your p_ssy worth gold amountin to
more than the world, but not knowin nothin about you
You leavin the crib, takin all your kids out to
drop them off, lettin some n_gga knock you off
So hot and soft, that's the same thing that got you lost (you should be ashamed)
Growin up seein it, it should remind you, you bein lied to
Everything that move be inside you
Sacred as you are, left with these wannabes to guide you
I watched you, hard to knock you, I tried not to
They spot you out dancin topless in your drawers
Damn look, there goes a black girl lost

[JoJo Hailey]
You should be ashamed of yourself
The way you carry yourself
The way you hang out all night long
Doin silly things that is wrong
Black girl.. *fades out*

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