Braveheart Party - Nas feat Mary J. Blige, Jungle, & Wiz

[Intro - Nas]:
Yeah...aiyo Jungle...aiyo Wiz...
Come on man...let's do this
It's a Braveheart party ya'll

[Chorus - Mary J. Blige]:
Throw your hands up cause we wanna dance
Don't be afraid just take a chance
Cause this beat will rock your body
Get up on the floor and party
Now ya'll tell me what ya'll wanna do
Thinkin' while i have a drink or two
Throw your hands up everybody
Get up on the floor ad party

[Verse 1 - Nas]:
I move at night, respect my gangsta
Ready for whatever you bring, the mood is right
The club is roighteous, tight with family
Squeezin' on big old bubbles with no panties
Ladies who's sexually free
And once in a while live on the wild side, kinky and nasty
Middle fingers up and say "F_ck the world"
Throw your hands up, they can't f_ck with you girl
And my fellas, two time felons, two nine tote and lethal
Quick to leave you wide open, if you gettin' tore down
Blowin' a blunt cloud, and the DJ's makin' you feel thugged out
Put yo' hands up


[Verse 2 - Jungle]:
I pull in a V12 drop all red
Look at Ma with that cat paw tat on her leg
Come here girl can I kiss you, let me lick you
Show you what your body made for, you're official
You could be my baby mama lookin' like that
What you drink, champagne or Cognac
What you like dancin' diamonds, Dolce Gabbana
Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada
A n_gga like Jungle to always come through
Shine in yo' hood whenever the f_ck you want to
Cause I'ma B.R.A.V., E.H.E.A.R.T. from QB
Put 'em up...


Party all night (party all night)
Let's drink, no fights (let's drink, no fights)
Party all night (What you wan' do?)
Let's drink, no fights (drink up...c'mon, yeah, yeah..)

[Verse 3 - Wiz]:
I'm blaze, haze for days
Blackout thinkin' of ways to get paid
Mack out corner I got it's all laid
Shorty, with a nice round ass in my face
Now do she want me to see?
F_ck is she comin' with me
A true BHG Wiz, not complex
Chin checks if it get hectic
N_gga Braveheart respected
Get bent at the bar, talk sh_t, walk it
And if I can't talk it, the false big cop a case
I'm here to blaze, roll up a dutch and take it to the face
Throw yo' hands up

[Chorus - 2x]

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