My Will (Honeymoon Is Over) - Nas

[Intro: Nas]
Aiyyo whattup n_ggaz?
Fresh off the honeymoon
The honeymoon's over
Fresh off Vaca (Yea, Yea)
I'm jet-laggin', still jet-laggin'
But this just a preview
Let's get it on again y'all

[Verse 1: Nas]
I designed it - rhymed it - flow classic
You askin' - who am signed with?
The real deal is 'Ill Will', stay scomit
Why's drama when other artists pay homage
You hatin any rapper I do a song with
"What's wrong with Nas helpin' crews get stronger"
You selfish, wantin' me to yourself
But Prophets need help too, y'all see Nas get insulted
I ride for the real sh_t, High as the Lock's get melted
Twelve Years, givin' you nuttin' but big moments
How can 'Murda Inc' not wanna f_ck wit
The top hustler - R.O.C. crusha
Nas a legend 'fore 'BIG & Pac' left us
Bubbled wit 'Dr. Drizze', You heard it on +Makaveli+
Sayin'-> "Nas is ring leader, brings Ether, brings heater"
Your dream teamer scream, "He's the Supreme Teacher"
Similar to anybody you know
Oh, I created, cremated, body that flow
Anyone you think is f_ckin' wit me
Better be Vets - better be 'Ra', better be 'Kool G' or 'KRS'
Better be 'LL' or 'Slick' or them
Neva put me in the 'Top Ten' B_TCH!
It's disrespect to the life that burnt the verses
Or n_gga writes who comes first
It's the 'Ice Cube' 'MC Shan' them type dudes
So B.E.T.'s list was wrong, don't get me wrong
I did chill in the throne alone so long
This is my +My Will+

[Outro: Nas]
Yea, Escobaro Cigars, that's how we doin' it
Aiyo Quan welcome to the game
Shot-out to Ill Will (This is my +My Will+)
Bravehearts stand up, whuttup Scarface
Whuttup Tre Williams (This is my +My Will+)
Ill Will '05, what y'all know 'bout that?
Queens, Queens I know you miss me
I gotchu, I gotchu Queens, New York stand up
Ahha, I gotchu baby, let's do it again

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