Pussy Killz - Nas

HA [echo]
Yo p_ssy kill me
Ugh Ugh
Ya ya ya
Ugh Ugh Ugh

P_ssy kill me when I was born (what)
Pardon me I rephrase it departed mommy wound decayin
I look at the bright side, the fact that I got a life side
Born 73 (September right Nas)
True, Virgo child
The first thing I learned is money makes the world go round
On a small planet, its 10 women to 1 man
I wonder how we managed
To say vows and walk a straight line in marriage
N_ggas is some nasty creatures, b_tches even nastier
They throw it at your boy and it's hard for me to pass it up
Freaky ho's licken n_ggas ass and nuts
Stupid b_tch bragen till her baby dad went nuts
And now were looking for me, 2 cars deep
Rollin up on n_ggas
Barrel out da window, Asking (you nas peeps)
I can't here dat 2 4 5 n_gga grad at
Pass it to me s_cker for love n_ggas I blast at
I swear my d_ck is gonna get me into trouble, I pissin bubble
I thought I felt a sharp pain betta stick to rubbers
When lain, hooker after hooker down and day
Watch out for diseases, the doctors can't name em
Just a thought we all f_ck the same chicks
Some play like they innocent
F_cken entertainers, and basket ball players
The b_tch is a ho
But still some of yall il say ya put your d_ck in her dough
You're just a nigger that life to her, she thought your crazy
Now your monkey ass want to shoot the pimp that pipes her
She had your baby, now you a lifa
The suicide note you write her
P_ssy kills

[Chorus X2]
O what a thrill inside a b_tch feel
Gotta be strong and handle, it is real
P_ssy killz
Mad shots keep a n_gga open
B_tch have a n_gga's gun smoking
p_ssy killz

My n_gga James got married same girl he went to school with
Nice girl, nerd with glasses, he was to stuck
Studied for her masters, part time nurse
I tell you how superb the ass is, but who's looking
And I mean that's my man, maybe I just took a peek
Maybe I wondered what it would be like, syke, cause James and me like
I was with A Z like, Luke and Han Solo
F_ckin with n_ggas girls, forbidden, that's a no no
It's death and we're real n_ggas civilized guards
And there ain't to many n_ggas like Nas I'm trust worthy
Plus I know a dude that caught his wife cheatin
Killed his baby, killed his wife, and took his own life even
Happy for James cause real b_tches hard to come by
This n_gga found one, I told him he was lucky an clown something
Rollin up duckies while watching Roy Jones in round one
He froze put his to the t.v. about an inch close
Move outa the way n_gga what the f_ck the matter with you, you blind
He pointed to the front row, thought he was losing his mind
She was supposed to be with her sick mother
Left for the weekend, stress when she was leaving, now she next to some n_gga cheesin
He's having trouble breathing (breathing)
He pictured them making noises, grindin em and kissin em
Yellin, ain't no telling where her lips have bin
Left her foul messages, she came home no lesser then
Ten minutes later and they start wrestling, and screamin
She said she missed her flight that evening
She never left, she wasn't at the fight u speakin
That's Vegas this is New York you bugin
I held up my hand for dat, but he wouldn't touch it
I was like when u started actin like that, this is dumbness
Gave me a crazy look and started swingin punches
I ducked couldn't believe it, the n_ggas so wet
He got his gad and started squeezin, hit two police men
Neighbors dialed 911 they heard the thumpin
Wounded cops kicked in the door and started dumpin
Me and his wife hit to the floor she smelt strange
My comrade was breathing no more they killed James

[Chorus X2]
O what a thrill inside a b_tch feel
Gotta be strong and handle, it is real
P_ssy killz
Mad shots keep a n_gga open
B_tch have a n_gga's gun smoking
p_ssy killz

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