Quiet Niggas - Nas feat Bravehearts

Where my real n_ggas at
Theres a lot of real n_ggas out there
Theres a lot of real n_ggas everywhere
Thats why you don't f_ck with just anybody
A lot of n_ggas is just on the low, chillin
Not botherin nobody, until one motha f_cka f_ck with em
And then all hell break loose

[Hook (2)]
Quiet n_ggas will kill
Loud n_ggas talk sh_t
Them be the ones that get killed
It's wild where we walk kid
Is you brave n_gga
Is you a slave n_gga
Is you a made n_gga
Or is you a paid n_gga

Well known gangstas, in trust
That we bust
Your heart and soul lies with us
Boldly go where we once took a n_gga before
Now the motha f_cka beggin for more
Its the reason
Standin here shakin, hatin the haters
They watchin my paper
Realize, a 4 5 will open his eyes
Now what the f_ck you think he saw before he drop
N_gga standin there just like a cop
Braveheart I'm screamin up the block
Now the soldier, cadet, general in fact
Don't let me get up and show yawl motha f_cka's respect
Plans connect
The twinkle and diamonds upon my neck
More jazz than Hornecek
I blast and leave your corner wet
Straight on top of ya
Spittin like the trench coat mafia
In a school yard we make it hard
Was poppin yawl
We made our change was stoppin yawl
They spray your names rest in peace on the ?? wall

[Hook (2)]

I wave gang signs at the youth, thats down for the cause
Cling them things in the ?? you betta get yours
Time is runnin out
Your streets is gettin smaller as we speak
Juliani turns these lights on so n_ggas can't creep
I miss the sh_t of days we did this
Please free John Gotti
They kept the black man eatin, not killin everybody
Drug wars is real
You have no friends in the outfield
Foul balls is deaf, umpires keep ice grilles
Theres no tomorrow its the bottom of the 9 9
Can't die a broke man with a b_tch thats fine
My hearts full of braveness so who the f_ck will want to save this
Fallen angel from fallen star and chaos on this nation
Don't play us on your station if you p_ssy or you hatin
You can find us in the hood; thuggin and regulatin
Don't play us on your station if you p_ssy or you hatin
You can find us in the hood; thuggin and regulatin

[Hook (2)]

We here to eat food, my peoples, be lethal
Shots in your body make you see through
Quiet n_ggas become jail riot n_ggas
25 to life, big never cry n_ggas
Floss when they up north
Chest gettin bigger
Celebs on the V I respect that n_gga
Rege on the regular chops is up; like a editor
Come through on man gang like the predator
If yawl wake I'll wet it up
Jungle set it up
The jackal rock you to sleep while I'm comin at you
Air out your area, Queens Bridge forever, what
Ill will the label
Bravehearts yawl scared of us

Yo when those n_ggas ran these n_ggas stayed
With these n_ggas switched up and b_tched up afraid
These n_ggas clicked up and ripped up the gauge
Those n_ggas got jail and sick cause we paid
Don't even rep Q B
You ain't got hood stripes
Looters come through catch you frontin
And its good night
Know how much force this is
Juggle horse and whiz
Notin but horses kid
We go to war for this

[Hook (3)]

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