Star Wars - Nas

Yeah, yeah, yo, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1]
For n_ggaz up in they mom's crib listenin
To this unadulterated Nas sh_t wishin it was them
Instead of, me on this track on this beach with palm trees
Drinks with umbrellas straws telling it raw
Jungle of concrete killers and snakes I was amongst that
Bundles of crack through this funnel that's black
I want you to vision through my telescope see the hell I wrote
It's Reynolds when I Wrap it like a envelope package
And they was into dope back then
Numbers, pimpin and robbin, well they still robbin and pimpin
But it's small change compared to hip hoppin
And did I mention millions because of lip poppin
Trips expensive gift shoppin whip drivin
Benzes, Jeeps, see, them and they b_tch got one
It's shockin - you thinkin "naw it's just rhymin"
But all this time it's like organized crimin
For instance, there was a time when there was a line
Between streets and business, but now peep how it's mixed in
The beef is now sickenin, everybody got paper
Words of power, because of it the cops hate ya
The government watchin all of those who thuggin it
They wanna lock us up cause they kids are lovin it
Not knowin that most rappers are straight ass
And shots ring out, whenever we clash it's Star Wars

We call it Star Wars
What happens when the shots ring out? It's called Star Wars
We call it Star Wars

[Verse 2]
Caviar never, I rather the Cajun blacken
Catfish no snails simple n_gga to please
Met a bad b_tch dimples in her cheeks
She remembers Busy B battles when it was peace
Caught myself driftin in thought, cause now it's different I thought
N_ggaz was raised off the sh_t I record
Like I was brought up off that Planet Rock
Kurtis Blow, James Todd Smith, Shan and Scott LaRock in the jams
Why would they f_ck with a don? Jehovah witness
Him and his co-defendants, I eat 'em like Lucky Charms
With two percent low fat milk, five percent pro black built
It's nothin mother had him motherf_ck him
I don't think about it n_ggaz talkin there's a lot of gossip
That I'm a prophet or I can't go back to my projects
Can I? Does a plant grow from a pot? yes
Do trees grow from a forest MC's y'all are clitoris
Y'all n_ggaz roll with any click that's winnin any crew
Doin whatever's trendy, even envy me too
Ain't enough room in this town
What is beef between ghetto word spitters with crowns, Star Wars

Cause this is Star Wars, shots ring out everywhere, Star Wars
Cause this is Star Wars, shots ring out

[Verse 3]
This ain't, no Oscars or MTV or Joan Rivers fashion police
Not what you read in tabloid sheets
These are MC's that live by the code, it's hard for me to spit it
Because the game was supposed to be sold we live it
Came from the streets we the voice of the youth
America's nightmare was given a the mic booth
Nike boots, leathers and jean, jewelry, cribs and cars
Rappers not dependin on your nine to five jobs
Entertainment, this is our world this is our language
Different regions speakin east and west gang sh_t
You got your positive sh_t like, Common Sense
But even he had drama with the Don Mega Cube
Acknowledge the words get twisted at times it's rules
What you think is different from the block whenever we feud
F_ck your pictures and your plaques your tours and autographs
Don't trust b_tches and n_ggaz who tell you you're all of that
Cause, they'll be in your enemies face, sayin it's safe
To run in your release party sprayin the place
Or catch you when you least on point, putting your keys in the door
Behind you with your seeds in Kay Bee Toys store
Maybe the words get disrespectful now your n_ggaz check you
"You 'gon let that n_gga play you? you know we 'gon rep you"
Next mornin every news channel and front page
Headlines: another rapper was slayed. this is Star Wars

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