Never Le 'Em C U Sweat - Nelly

That Gangsta
That Gangsta
On The Tips

I Was Forced To Live The Crazy Life
Y'all N_ggas Don't Understand What A Day Be Like
But A Son Know My Pop's Didn't Raise Me Right
When Hennedy Don't Pay Me Right
No Baby Wipes
Keep The 3 80 Tight
The Mercedes Dyke
On A Shady Night
Y'all N_ggas Is Lady Like
Blow For N_ggas That'll Watch Your Arm
Run In Your Crib Pop Your Mom
Like B_tch With Stocks And Bonds
In The Studio A Thug Wanna Lock Your Calm
Tell A N_gga I'm Like Flex I Drop The Bomb
You Come To War With A Switch Blade
Get Laid
N_gga Imma Spit The Gauge At Your Rib Cage
We Thugged Out
Y'all N_ggas Is B_tch Made
You Pick Jay They North White The Sh_t Grade
Yor Cousin Looks Mad Ready To Let The Clips Spray
Out Of A Week I Stay In A Lab For 6 Days

Chorus X2
I Run My Right Guard Incase My Shot Ain't Handy
Speed Stickin' Me And Mine
I Turn It Up A Degree
Your Secrets Still Kept
Never Let Em See You Sweat

I'm Second To None N_gga
Yo I'm Lettin My Gun
Pull This Trigger Sh_t Off The Window
Through The Head Of Your Son
I've Been Runnin' Like 20 Miles
I Ain't Sweatin' For Fun
Yo It's Hard To Be A Team When The Second Is One
Cause I Follow Very
Wanna Wife Like Halle Berry
Yeah I Ain't Tryna Be Locked Up Under Consolitary
Like It Don't Stop
N_gga I Stop For Food
How You Gonna Pop A N_gga That Pop For You
Hushed Out In The Drop Top
Aqua Blue
Get The B_tch Screamin' 'please Please Not My Boo'
My Revolver Shook Like I Deal With Smart Crook
You Know The Name
Switch Up The Game Like Garth Brooks
Like Ten Cars With Tire Hoes And And Winstars
I Been Hard Through Hell Better Sing God
Diminish I'm A Bull Dog Breathing British
You Ain't Site Cause Your Night Show Is All About Your Image

Chorus X2

I've Seen On The Bricks Of The Little Front
At Colorses Check The Ashtrey That Hold The Blunts
We Hustling I Do The Push Ups And The Sit Ups N_gga
Get Muscular
Just Incase You Let Your Lips Slip Up
I'm Bustin Ya
Never Let Em See You Sweat
Yeah That's My Motto
Catch Em In The Club Get Wrecked
With The Bottle
The Silencer Behind His Neck
The Others Follow
Show Them You Ain't Bullsh_ttin
And You Ain't Hollow
I Saw You Talkin' To That Chick
Up Over There
I Heard You Ask Her Why She On My D_ck
Yeah Yeah
I Heard It All Before Ya Dig
Next Thing Y'all Tellin Me None Of Y'all Put That On My F_ckin' Kid
What You Think This Is
I'm The Reason They Invented The Whole Navigational System
So N_ggas Can't Find They Trucks And They Women When I'm With Em
Like I Catch Em In Linen
And Then I Flip Em And Run Up In Em
Send Her Back To Him
And Go To His House And Blow Him With Her


Never Let Em See You Sweat
Never Let Em See You Sweat
Never Let Em
Never Let Em
To To Play This Hit Out N_gga
How N_gga

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