Geek Love - Nerina Pallot

In the race to get out of this place,
I am checking my face in the back of a spoon,
You're accusing, you say I'm not here, but I'm here, yes I'm here, yes,
I'm not on the moon,
But I'm leaving so soon,
So don't presume to know sh_t about me,
'Cause I don't know myself from one day to the next,
And I don't pose perplexities purposely,
This isn't a game, this isn't a test.

So hey, you, could you give it a rest?
Just take me home and get me undressed,
Put on a fire and make it enough,
Oh, we're geeks, but we know this is love.

Nine am to the beat of a drum,
As we drive through the canyon,
I'm feeling the hum of the engine,
My head and my heart are a-swim-will your cat be ok?
Your wife was she in?
Your wife, is she in???
'Cause I don't presume to know sh_t about you,
When you won't really tell me until I beg you to,
But I know that perplexity's a wonderful thing,
It's a sudden found joy, the strangeness it brings...

So h

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