Patience - Nerina Pallot


Been good, been bad, got worse, got better
I feel I know myself when I'm looking in the mirror
Been hurt, been loved - I'm scarred, I'm not bitter
I'm an angel with knowledge of a sinner
But what do I do and how should I be?
When I look at myself I can only be me

I need a little patience…

Been hard, been soft, been both, been neither
Above it all I am only a survivor
Been down, been low, got up, got higher
We are only human, all just liars
So I wait for the day when I open my eyes
And I look to myself but it's no big surprise

I need a little patience…

Well I'm sitting here and sinking
And I'm on the 18th floor
And I'm thinking do I jump?
Or should I stay around for more?
I watch my friends get bigger and get better and get richer
But I'm not bitter
Time I ticking ticking ticking ticking ticking on
With a vengeance
I want it all
I want it all

I need a little patience

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