Cybersex - Next

I want your PC
(Welcome to Nextasy)
I want your PC
(Guys, press one, Ladies, press two)
I want your PC
(Your selection is two)

(Access Granted)

I want your PC
Sit on my laptop
Push all my bottons, baby
Please don't stop
Download all over me
Lemme into your bits and dat
Dial me up, it's time for cybersex

It's like four in the morning
Wake up like you're hungry
I know you're really horney
Really need you something
Look over at your PC
Start thinking freaky
Know you need me, power it up
Come see me cuz


If you want me at your house
Squeeze the mouse
I'm coming now
This is what you wanted now
Oh, technologically wow
Anytime you need a fix
Just put in my hard disk
No viruses, no risk
Isn't this the sh_t, I'm lovin' it girl

(Chorus) x2

I know you 'fein for your computer screen
Want to do things, orgasmic dreams
I'm working hard so I can hit you off
Like W-W-W Next dot com, come on

(Chorus) x2

Gotta get on the net
Gotta get a piece of mind
Ooo-eee, dial me up
I wanna be inside you baby
Technologically, sexually
You and me
On my PC
Sexually, technologically
You with me


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