Barbie Goin Bad - Nicki Minaj

Patty, I see you too
This what y'all be wanting?
This what they waiting for?
Okay, haha, rrrr

Neck tat say "Onika"
I got more slaps than Aretha
When you lose the Queen, n_ggas friendly, dog
It was just back to back like Wembley, dog
Now you all the way back up in the Bentley, dog
I turn lemons into lemonade simply, dog
Old boy and my brother tried to end me, dog
I heard they looking for the old me
A couple of you n_ggas still owe me
You asked for the GOAT so they sent me, sleaze
Tryna lay low, don't tempt me, sleaze
Thirty in the clip will be emptied, sleaze
You b_tches still my sons, learn your As and Bs
Leave the hate train in the station please
I was in the court, no Jays and Beys
Made her change her mind in the judge chamber, sleeze
The MAC's on the line, I ain't talking 'bout the PC
I'm the biggest fish in the pan, I'll do you greasy
All he gotta do is call, I'm in my T-shirt and my drawers
Face down, ass up, I'm already on all fours
S_ck his d_ck through his shorts
Then I ride him like a whore
I mean a horse, I'm a boss
Yeah, I got the juice and I'm takin' him on a tour
Imitating Nicki while your ghostwriter dissin' me
Leave for two weeks, I got all of my babies missin' me
Never gon' fall, never not gon' ball
And I keep my n_gga bustin' like a draco
He always come back, Big Draco
Still going bad on you stank hoes

They wanted the old Nicki
They wanted the old Onika, so
I had to, uh, get back in my bag
I might drop a freestyle every, um, week till the thing-thing they come
The label hit me said they want the fifth thing thing, I got in the studio, I did the fifth thing thing
And then they say "You know, it's time to drop your single" I said "Noooo"
You know radio already tried to blackball a b_tch
It's all good 'cause when you a legend, when you legendary
You shine no matter what
They get compared to me no matter what
They asked for the GOAT so I came through, b_tch
But look, on some real sh_t, I'm 'bout to go on tour with, um, Juice WRLD
In Europe, shout-out to my fans in Europe
Uhm, I'm f_cking three to four times a day, I'm feeling real good
I'm rehearsing for the tour
You know I'm sayin', p_ssy feelin' real good right now
P_ssy like bald, like really bald right now
Like, because, I just be really keepin' that sh_t so bald and so
That sh_t be so wet so, oh my, you know what?
Ayo, shout-out to my bad b_tches, though
All my bad b_tches know
All my bad b_tches know what's good
I got you though
South side Jamaica Queens
South side Jamaica Queens, n_gga
Heavy you on it, sleeze
But you know what?
Whenever I do something they say I'm the angry black woman
I'm just playing around and having some fun
Zamn Zaddy, ahhhh!

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