Beef Stew - Nicki Minaj

Just when they thought I was done for the summer
Came out the cupboard show my ass like a plumber,
Ain't chinese but you worth 2 dolla, Tee get the bleach I'm a
Show my true ca-la, tell a n_gga holla in the peach I'm-pala,
Only if he give good brain like a scho-la, a-la, a-la, a-la eyy
Knock ya top off like a holla-day, dang lilttle momma I should be
In your pot, cause everywhere I go they sayin Nicki your hot, I catch more
Eyes then the letter with the dot, supersize fries my pies better be hot,
She got it twisted like a cock-eyed b_tch, that's why I be in Mr.Chows you
A Popeyes b_tch, you the type to get some money go spend it on some boots,
Save just enough for some douche for ya cooch, it ain't about money
You ain't speakin my lang, cuttin any b_tch off if she enter my lane, and
It really ain't a thang, when I bang I bang and the goons swing by like
Orangatangs, f_ck wrong with you I am the don da da, show you how to do it
Like I'm ya mu-mudda, you can't beat me so don't duh
da da da, soft like b_tta
And NO I don't stutta, you Romeo and I'm Master P, that's why they mention
Me first then ya afta me, (NEXT!
) I'm the up and comin that the streets talk about,
I'm the 22 slugga make a b_tch walk it out,
Nicki get it poppin like I came unannounced,
Stay with a goon and my goon dumbin out,
so first thing first I'm the queen of the cool,
I could cook crack or cook a mean beef stew,
(ha hahaha aha) what cha gonna do?
I could cook crack or cook a mean beef stew
(beef stew beef stew) what cha gon'
Do? I could cook crack or cook a mean beef stew (chyea chyea)

[Outro: Nicki - talkin]
I am the president, I am the president,
Dirty money, Queens New york is in the muthaf_ckin
building building building
Building building building building building
(haha ahah ha) You gotta love me
Mayne, Gravey what up?! Get ya fatass in the booth n_gga (chyea)
Uh huh uh huh uh huh now walk it out

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