Doin It Well - Nicki Minaj feat Jadakiss

[Talkin: Jadakiss]
Ay yo yo yo Ay yo WHAT!
Muthaf_cka you know who it is,
Ya mean, you boi the muthaf_ckin everything
I'm everything, (HaHaHaaa) But we neither here
Nor there this is for ma muthaf_ckin beotchh
Nicki Minaj, S_cka Free, I love you baby,
You know I'm lookin for you, you be dodging
Me, ya mean, you be in miami layin songs and all dat,
But umm it's all good, ya'll
N_ggas make sure ya'll ch-check this sh_t out right here,
S_cka Free, Nicki Minaj, Spittin that
Sh_t for ya'll n_ggas and b_tches, Ya dig, stop hidding from me to,
S_cka Free MuthaF_cka WHAT!

[Talkin: Nicki Minaj]
Ay yo Kiss look I mean you know m-my aka sit on ya favorite rapper face
And sh_t you know like I mean you know
The question today is who's my favorite rapper
Like everybody wanna know, ya mean
(Hahaha) Guess What? Your My Favorite Rapper.

I'm a spit on it then I'm gonna sit on it
You can f_ck my girls to Daddy I'm a kindone it,
I'm a put my lips on ya lips, who's better,
N_gga you can ask Micheal Jack. who's badder,
You can lick it from the front you can lick it from the back,
When I jiggle my ass you can do your lil' laugh,
(Hahaha) You so funny Kiss, I wanted to f_ck you since,
You worked with that yummie b_tch,
Anyway I got a tight lil' honey dip,
That's why these n_ggas git tight when honey dip,
N_ggas know my p_ssy taste like mango-tango,
So they put a couple karats in my ankle bangle,
When my legs go back you can hear them jangle,
Wish ya pocket can't stop like a can of pringles,
Let me, grab the mic while I spit ya song (slurp slurp)
Uh, six seconds Jadakiss your on,
Uh Uh On Uh Uh On Uh Uh Uh Uh Onnnnnnn!

Doin it and doin it and doin it well
I represent Queens, he was raised down in Yonkers
Doin it and doin it and doin it well [x3]
I represent Queens, he was raised down in Yonkers

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